Tokens Aegis

Chapter 3.1

Onward and Upward


The heroes are finally free of their imprisonment in Barovia. The evil tyrant vampire, Strahd Von Zarovich, is dead, but not without significant cost. Party members Rowan Snaplocket, Lavernia, and Landir Duskwalker lost their lives in their attempt to purge Barovia and secure their own freedom.

The party, drained and injured from their fight with Strahd, race to Traylen to get healed at the Temple of Pelor. Arrangements made, the party meets a mysterious man named Selorn who brings them to the Temple of Pelor where they are given the necessary healing and rest. Wafflez recognizes the name Selorn, but can’t remember why. He also notices Selorn literally disappear after they part ways.

The party spends the night in the Temple of Pelor and wake up to find that Elspeth had left because the tragic events that occurred while in Barovia had taken a great emotional toll.

Since Elspeth had left with the Sun Sword, the party again determines to head south to find Sir Kalan in order to destroy the Sphere of Grave Mists.

Wally the Warforged Wizard is introduced.



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