Eyok the Protector

Do my worst? You asked for it...


Eyok “The Protector” was born from violence; his mother a human raised him to be strong. His mother’s family did not accept him because of how he came to be. His great uncle, King Avian was a greedy ruler who wanted violence and wealth. One night while Eyok was at a local pub, he saw three of the kings men start to force their way on a woman. Eyok was engulfed with rage and in his anger killed the king’s guards. Once more guards arrived they took Eyok to the king.
Avian was impressed with Eyok’s skill and offered for Eyok to work for him. Avian spoke first. “Clearly, you have a knack for fighting. Those were my three best assassins you ripped apart effortlessly. Now, I know a reputation has preceded me for greed and murder, that’s true, I am at war with former citizens who don’t see how I see. I’m guessing you and your mother want to see how I see.” Eyok stared at Avian with no emotion and said calmly, “The only thing I’ve seen is you being ashamed and embarrassed of me and my mom. No, I will not work for you.” Anger filled Avian’s eyes as he said, “If I didn’t let your mother raise you here, you would’ve been with the animals that did this to her. You owe me your life! I could have killed you! You are in my debt you… Animal!” Eyok kept his composure and stood up straight. He said, “I did get raised in YOUR kingdom; I’ve learned many lessons and one of them has been you can’t cage an animal.” Suddenly Eyok grabbed the two guards in each hand and threw them into the wall. The next guard ran at Eyok and was crushed with a right blow. Avian cowered back in his throne, terrified as Eyok’s 7 ft stature was walking toward him. Eyok picked up Avian and brought him close to his face. “Do you want to see what I see? I see a king going power hungry to save his throne, shaking in fear because his assassins aren’t here to fight for him.” Suddenly Avian stabbed a dagger into Eyok’s shoulder and ran into a secret room with a door sealing behind him. Eyok pulled the dagger out of his shoulder to see one of the guard’s move. Eyok threw the dagger in the back of the guard.
After the qualm with Avian, Eyok was on his way home. Eyok kept checking behind him, he felt like someone was following him. When he got close to his house, he noticed the door was already open. He ran in to find his mother on the floor, dead. He looked around and saw a shadow move in the kitchen. Filled with rage, Eyok leapt at the shadow and could feel a human. Slamming the human against the wall, he felt a blade against his throat. The light in the room revealed the face of the woman who he protected at the pub. Eyok roared, “Who are you!?”. His grip tightened around her neck and her dagger dropped to the floor. Eyok loosened his grip on the woman. The woman answered quietly, “They sent a message by killing her. I saw them leave.” Eyok asked intensely, “Who!?” .The woman’s eyes moved to the door as she whispered, “Them.” .
Two guards stood in the doorway and ran at Eyok. As Eyok saw them advancing, he quickly let the woman loose and got into position. But the woman swiftly picked up the dagger and threw it into the neck of the first guard, dropping him immediately. Seeing this, the second guard tried to take a swing at the woman. Quickly, she ducked under him, picked up the dagger and rolled behind him. The woman’s aim was true as she stabbed the second guard in the back and cut up his spine. He fell to the ground and the woman looked at Eyok. “We don’t have time to stay and chat. We have to get out of here now!”, she said urgently. Eyok looked at her and asked her again, “Who are you? “. The woman, getting noticeably frustrated, huffed and said “I am Lavannah, one of Daventhor’s assassins. I was here to get close to Avian before you killed his guards. I followed you to the castle, yet saw the guards go to this house and kill this woman. I overheard them saying, “This will scare him!”. I assumed they were talking about you. You are strong! Daventhor could use you. Let’s go. We can talk more once we are safe.” Reluctantly, Eyok grabbed a bag and threw some of his things in it quickly. Without looking back, Eyok followed Lavannah out the door.
Through the city of Kavach, they ran swiftly and silently. Once out of the city, they headed into the Forrest. It was a two day journey into the woods. At their first night’s camp, Eyok started to gather information on what had happened. Eyok made a fire and looked up at Lavannah. “Who is Daventhor? Why did you want me to follow you?”, asked Eyok. Lavannah was sharpening her sword and replied, “Daventhor was the general of the Kavach Army. He has seen many battles and trained many people. He rebelled against the king. Avian has gone mad and is trying to assassinate all the surrounding kingdom’s leaders. Now, Daventhor is building a rebellion against Kavach and Avian, he needs warriors. People who will stand up against evil at all costs.” Eyok put his head down and said, “I am no warrior.” Lavannah put her sword down and went to sit beside Eyok. “You have no training. You are barely two decades old yet you have struck down the king’s specialized assassins with brute force! Let Daventhor train you in the ways of the warrior, and imagine what we could accomplish.” Eyok’s face became disturbed and stared at Lavannah. Filled with anger, Eyok said, “We? There is no “we“. Humans look at me like a monster and Orcs treat me like an outcast!” Eyok snarled in anger but Lavannah touched his shoulder and said, “You are not a monster. A monster would not have stopped those guards in the pub. Just meet ”/characters/daventhor-izegrim" class=“wiki-content-link”>[[:daventhor-izegrim | Daventhor]] and hear him out."
The next day Lavannah and Eyok set out at dawn. It was only a half days journey to the camp. As they approached the camp, Eyok noticed that it was in a ravine in the forest. They had cut down trees to make a wall around it. Archers were posted on top of the wall every ten feet. As Lavannah approached the wall, two wood doors were opened automatically. She walked in and through the camp ground to the center tent. This tent was not a normal sleeping tent. It looked as high as the wall and about twenty feet long. Two guards stood out front and parted when they saw Lavannah. A she passed them, they saluted her as lieutenant. They walked into the tent and Eyok saw a long, rectangular table with a man on the end, facing the door. The man sat back in his chair as he listened to the others report to him. His hair was black, long and unkept and his face had a short beard. His armor matched all of the soldiers who Eyok saw on the way in. He had silver, full plated armor with a red cloak covering him. A golden tunic covered his torso and on it was a symbol of a bear. When the man saw Lavannah, he raised his hand to hush the other officers.
“Lavannah! You returned from your mission faster than I expected. What have you found in Kavach?”. His voice was gruff but still calm. The man couldn’t be much older than Eyok. Lavannah sat at the other end of the table and began to explain herself. “I have returned earlier than desired, I have found you a warrior to bring down Avian. Avian’s guards would have killed me the first night, we are not the only ones recruiting Daventhor; I was recognized from another from my land. Before they could kill me though this warrior ripped them to pieces with his bare hands, Daventhor I present to you Eyok “The Protector”.” Lavannah gestures to Eyok to stand next to her chair. Eyok stands next to lavannah, but daventhor gets up from his chair and makes his way to Eyok and begins to speak. “I am impressed. For you to help my most decorated lieutenant I am in your debt.” He extends his hand towards Eyok. Eyok shakes his hand and says “you owe me nothing, I had no idea how much of a fighter lavannah was.” Daventhor walks all the way around the table back to his seat and sits down. Lavannah speaks up. “we need to train him to fight for us. The soldiers will see his strength and stature and follow that, more importantly avian will crumble with fear.” Daventhor looks at lavannah than looks at Eyok. “one question do you want to get trained by us.” Eyok thinks for a moment then speaks. “why do you want to overthrow the king? Can you do a better job?”. Daventhor chuckles “I assure you I have no intention of ruling, I am a fighter. I see where the weak need help and the strong get too power hungry. My skills are not just for royalty, they are for anyone who pays a good price and can offer a good fight. I don’t want evil to take over the world, but what I’m willing to do to stop it, makes people cringe. You are not fighting in my army. You would be fighting in the peoples army.” Eyok took some time to think it over than after a moment responds “If you can use my services I will offer them.” Daventhor stands up raises his glass and exclaims “Good! Tomorrow we train, but tonight we drink!” A shout of joy raises from all the soldiers at the table.

The next morning Eyok was awoken by a battle horn right in front of his face with daventhor standing over him. “rise and shine my big blue buddy, lets go!” Eyok was confused by his actions. He thought for someone who’s reputation was so polished and revered, he would assume they would be more serious. Eyok follows Daventhor out of the campground into the forest. Daventhor had two wooden practice swords and a wooden shield, once a ways into the forest daventhor turns around and throws a sword at Eyok. Daventhor puts his shield on his left arm and his sword in his right and says “Attack me.” Eyok looks confused. Daventhor says again louder “Attack me!” Eyok is unresponsive, Daventhor twists his sword in his hand and says “Fine. Defend yourself.” Daventhor runs at Eyok and leaps off a rock, places his shield in front of his body and bashes Eyok so hard he falls backwards. Eyok looks up at Daventhor, smirking “ I thought Orcs were supposed to be good at fighting.” Eyok gets up, dusts himself off and runs at Daventhor. Eyok places both hands on his sword, raises it above its head, swings hard downward at Daventhor. Daventhor ducks out of the way of the sword, spins behind Eyok and bashes him again with his shield making Eyok fall face first in the grass. Daventhor laughs “ You are quite the opponent! I haven’t even used my sword yet!” Eyok filled with rage grabs the rock Daventhor leaped off of and hurled it at him. The rock smashes Daventhor’s shield daventhor looks at Eyok and says “That was my favorite shield.” This enrages Eyok even more. Eyok stands and walks towards Daventhor. Daventhor went to attack Eyok with an overhand strike but Eyok deflects it and strikes Daventhor in the face with so much force Daventhor flies back in the air. Eyok was not prepared for his reaction though. Daventhor excited says “ That’s it! Use your anger to defeat your enemies!!” Wiping blood from his mouth he runs at Eyok, Eyok goes to defend daventhor ducks under eyoks sword and strikes him in the stomach, immediately then strikes the neck of Eyok. Daventhor runs behind Eyok and jumps off a tree and strikes the face of Eyok making blood gush from eyoks nose. Eyok drops to the ground, daventhor places his foot on eyoks neck and says “Tomorrow we will work on technique.” Eyok snarls at Daventhor, and Daventhor helps him up. They head back to the camp.
For the next few months Daventhor and Eyok trained together everyday and became very close friends sharing stories of love, loss, and war. Daventhor was 5 years eyoks elder, but fighting came natural to him. Quickly Daventhor climbed the ranks in the kingdoms army, he was the youngest general in history at 25. He found favor from Avian. But as he got deeper in the ranks the more corrupt he found Avian to be. Daventhor explained to Eyok. “The last mission Avian sent me on. Showed me who he was. I was supposed to capture 3 warriors from another kingdom and bring them back for Avian to question. But after the mission I went to the pier for some free time. I saw the other assassin team escorting them onto a ship with berlap sack over their heads. Since I was a general I went aboard and questioned them. I found out avian was not only trying to rule all the land he was selling warriors into slavery to the highest bidder. I could not stand for that I fought the guards and grabbed the prisoners, one of them you know." He paused. “lavannah. That is when I rebelled against him and formed my army.” Eyok looked at Daventhors insignia on his cloak. “Why the bear?” Eyok asked. Daventhor replied. “the bear is strong, brave, and nobel. No one controls the bear, and the bear doesn’t try and control anyone. This army isn’t for me its for the people who want to be free from a dictator holding their freedom for ransom. There is a legend that the noblest of warriors can actually take the shape of the bear. Eventually that is what I hope to earn. That is the purpose of the bear fighters, to protect the weak.” Daventhor reached into his cloak and pulled out a leather patch with an a bear branded into it and extended to Eyok. “ This is our badge Eyok the Protector and that is our job to help people and fight for good. I have taught you many things in these last months, you have taught me as well. Now go and find your own people to fight for and if honorable enough… to die for.”
Eyok took the patch and placed on his belt said good bye to Daventhor and Lavannah. Eyok caught a ship and headed east. Traveling from town to town helping people with petty debts and petty thugs. As his skills were refined fighting low life scum Eyok stumbled upon a gnome named ”/characters/rowen-the-wolf" class=“wiki-content-link”>Rowen and began his final adventure as he was later killed fighting Galen Cote.

Eyok the Protector

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