Tag: villain


  • Galen Cote

    Galen Cote is the mastermind behind the slavery operation in Traylen. A psionic of some skill, he enforces his commands with the fear of his men. He is self-satisfied and cruel. According to the information from Enaion, Galen works with or for powerful …

  • Marion Cote

    Marion was introduced by Galen as his sister at the climax of Chapter 1. She never spoke to the party directly. Axed and melted by [[:wafflez-the-headsman-o-houlihan | Wafflez]].

  • Eladrin

    Eladrin was encountered in the small village in the woods on the return trip from the Arcane Conservatory. It was discovered she was a vampire the next morning, when the party found the innkeeper's body. As the group worked to unravel the mystery of …