Tag: Traylen


  • The Drunken Lord

    The beginning of the story. The place where everything started. The place where the members of the party met each other and accepted employment from [[:argarian | Argarian]]. A tavern in Traylon.

  • Argarian

    Not much is known about Argarian outside of what is obvious. He has wealth, magic, and some level of influence, but even that seems suspect. He was the first employer of the party, contracting them to deliver a package to the Arcane Conservatory for …

  • Galen Cote

    Galen Cote is the mastermind behind the slavery operation in Traylen. A psionic of some skill, he enforces his commands with the fear of his men. He is self-satisfied and cruel. According to the information from Enaion, Galen works with or for powerful …

  • Marion Cote

    Marion was introduced by Galen as his sister at the climax of Chapter 1. She never spoke to the party directly. Axed and melted by [[:wafflez-the-headsman-o-houlihan | Wafflez]].