Tokens Aegis

Chapter 3.1
Onward and Upward


The heroes are finally free of their imprisonment in Barovia. The evil tyrant vampire, Strahd Von Zarovich, is dead, but not without significant cost. Party members Rowan Snaplocket, Lavernia, and Landir Duskwalker lost their lives in their attempt to purge Barovia and secure their own freedom.

The party, drained and injured from their fight with Strahd, race to Traylen to get healed at the Temple of Pelor. Arrangements made, the party meets a mysterious man named Selorn who brings them to the Temple of Pelor where they are given the necessary healing and rest. Wafflez recognizes the name Selorn, but can’t remember why. He also notices Selorn literally disappear after they part ways.

The party spends the night in the Temple of Pelor and wake up to find that Elspeth had left because the tragic events that occurred while in Barovia had taken a great emotional toll.

Since Elspeth had left with the Sun Sword, the party again determines to head south to find Sir Kalan in order to destroy the Sphere of Grave Mists.

Wally the Warforged Wizard is introduced.

Chapter 2.3
Breakfast with Madame Ava

The party fights its way on the road to meet Madame Ava on the advice of Ashlyn. On the way, the adventurers encounter a dark-haired man in armor with a raven fighting undead. The man is Sir Ulric, the last remaining Knight of Raven. His religious order was hunted by Strahd. He decides to go help guard the people remaining in the city.

The party arrives at the Vastani camp and, Waffles (Breakfast) first, are called in to meet Madame Ava. Madame reveals that we were summoned by Strahd via the letter in the inn. She also relates the history of Strahd. He has been living for a long time and sold his soul to live forever after he was spurned by the woman he loved (Tatiana). He disappeared for a time but has come back to rule. He seems to released the undead after being spurned again by Irena.

Madame Eva tells us that we must do the following things:

- Go to the church and deal with the first death and the plague of undead. This must be done before confronting Strahd.

- Locate the Tome of Strahd, at a place of holiness. It will aid us in discovering the source of his strength.

- Find the three relics and perform a consecration ceremony.

-Find the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind and bring it to the place where the officers of the king upheld his word.

The sun sword may help us in our mission. It can be found where the river flies. She also said "Darkness was born from light, bring the sword to where the light lies dead.

Chapter 2.2
Love Is in the Air

At the fork in the road, the party first checks the body in the road and proceeds in that direction. The road approaches the town square and find a paladin of Pelor fighting off zombies. The party aids her and learns she is Ashlyn of the Lightbringers from the Northern Kingdom. She is there seeking the Sun sword. The rest of her party went to investigate the church and have been missing for three days. She has never heard of Sir Kalen or the Sphere of Grave Mists. The party also learns that they have traveled to a demi-plane, probably as a result of the unnatural mist they have encountered.

The party sleeps in the tavern, Blood of the Vine.

While in the tavern, Rowan meets a brooding man of high class named Ismark. Ismark believes the cities troubles are perpetrated by Lord Van Zarovich. Ismark believes Zarovich had poisoned Ismark’s father after being denied his sister’s hand, and then plagued the city with undead. Ismark’s sister is currently barricaded within their mansion, fate unknown. Landir recalls that the letter for help posted in the inn on the way was written by Ismark’s father.

The party decides to aid Ashlyn in seeking out the Vastani gypsy leader Madam Ava, who is believed to have information about the undead invasion. Three Vastani men are enlisted to help lead the party to Ava. As they move on the road, the encounter zombies feasting on a horse.

Chapter 2
A Fork, a Cart, a Corpse in the Road
After a period of mourning, recuperation, and resupply, including paying to store a darkwood table a farmhouse outside of the city and Landir and Rowan shaving their heads, the party was affronted by a man who recognized a leather patch that had belonged to Eok. After a tense initial meeting, the tension resolved into respect and Daventhor joined the party. The party met with their employer who offered them Landir’s weight in platinum to head north to retrieve an item from the tomb of necromancer before it falls into the hands of Darrow. They job piqued the party’s interest, but they decided to first head south to seek out Sir Kalen who has been missing. The party seeks him to counsel on the matter of the Sphere of Grave Mists.

On the way south, while they were dining at their first stop, a man announces a plea for help from the nearby town of Barovia. The party decides their current mission is too important to abandon. However, in the next day’s dense fog, the party ends up in the Barovia. The party finds the city overrun with undead creatures and begins to fight its way through.

Part One

Our story begins according to tradition: in a tavern.

The party is enjoying a meal, a drink, and each other’s company, when a conspicuous, cloaked figure makes his way through the crowded hall to the bar. Her interest piqued, Rosie the rogue sneaks over to eavesdrop on the man. She soon discovers the man is looking to hire a few adventurers to do some work.

Eager to make easy coin, our heroes leap at the opportunity. The man explains he needs a package delivered to the Arcane Conservatory to the west of Traylen. Realizing the potential gain, Landir is able to negotiate a higher paycheck out of their employer. The rest of their evening is spent gathering information about the conservatory and what might await them on the road.

The next day, our crew outfits themselves for a few days’ journey and picks up the package from the man at the city gates. However, in their haste to depart, the group neglects to ask their employer’s name, or where they will meet for payment when the job is complete. Frustrated in themselves, the group plunges onward to complete their mission.

On their first night of travel the group is attacked by a lone hobgoblin. With a group effort, the team is able to take him down. But hobgoblins are not known to travel alone. Not long after that first night, our heroes are ambushed again by a hobgoblin scouting party. Though victorious in another battle, the team is now on high alert. The next day, they spot a third ambush in time to ready themselves. With great effort and a few injuries, they are able to fend off their attackers. They worry that they will not be so lucky if another ambush lay ahead.

Guided by Wafflez and Rowan’s woodland knowledge, the party ventures off of the road and into the woods in search of a village at the base of the Whiteknife Mountains. They arrive at the inn, weary and wounded, near nightfall.

The innkeeper informs them in the morning that the town has no supply of healing magic, but directs them either to the midwife in the mountains or the wizard cottage further in the woods. During breakfast, Elspeth meets Sir Daniel Kalan and they talk about their quests. Sir Kalan offers the group what little healing ability he has.

The party decides to try their luck at the wizard’s. After a short hike through the woods, they come upon a picturesque cottage, with tidy garden and quaint shutters. Seeing the door slightly ajar, the group immediately becomes concerned. They enter cautiously, but are immediately attacked by the animated objects in the parlor. Thrown off by the unusual encounter, our heroes decide to search the cottage in two groups.

Wafflez, Rowan, and Flapjacks head into the kitchen and find it in total chaos. Red liquid covers the walls, flour and cooking implements are strewn everywhere. Shelves and cabinets have been ripped from the walls. As they move to investigate further, the oven swing open and a fire elemental leaps at Flapjacks.

Landir, Rosie, and Elspeth move down the hall toward the bedroom. Opening the door, they discover an unconscious Gendrew tied up and tortured by an imp. Startled by their entrance, the imp shrieks and attacks.


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