Sir Daniel Kalan

To bear the sword of light in the darkest place, even unto death


A human, holy knight of Pelor (paladin). A strong, average-looking man, but with a compelling force of personality. Nice smile.


Sir Kalan had dedicated himself wholly to the God of Light, Pelor. Following his calling, he traveled south to protect a town from a plague of lycanthropy.

Kalan has a deep mistrust of any magic that is not divine. Though single-minded in his mission, he is still suspicious about what happens behind the closed doors of the Arcane Conservatory.

The party met Kalan on their way to deliver the package. He was able to determine that the item they carried was not evil in nature. He provided some healing to the party, and asked them to pass on any information they discovered at the conservatory.

Elspeth sent a communication to him via the Temple of Pelor. After some time, the priests and the party begin to suspect that something has happened to him in the southern regions.

Sir Daniel Kalan

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