Landir Duskwalker

There are mirrors all around you: Strive to see and understand yourself.


Ht. 5’ 10”
Weight. 160 lbs.
Appearance: dark skin color and hair, characteristically elven ears and eyes, soft human cheekbones and jaw shape. Abandoned his ceremonial clothing for a simple peasant’s tunic and pants so as to blend in.
Alignment: Lawful Good
Diet: Vegetarian


Before I was born, who was I?
After I am born, who am I?
Respect yourself, and everyone will respect you.
Understand yourself, and everyone will understand you.
There are mirrors all around you:
Strive to see and understand yourself.
Strive to have the heart of a good deity
Shun evil things, only do good.
Do whatever you can to help others.
In these ways you see your true self.

These words are written on a wall in the AlemÓs Monastery, the human monastery where Landir Duskwalker was raised and trained. Like many monks, orphaned or dedicated as infants, Landir knows little of his parents. He surmises that he was born of a dark-skinned male Elf and a human woman, and he senses a darkness that surrounds circumstances of his birth. He was the only non-pure human at Alemos, but his upbringing and training were not especially difficult because of it. Sure, he heard some insults from rival children regarding his mixed ethnicity, but this fell generally against the culture cultivated at the monastery.

The monastery preached discipline, humility, self-restraint, and respect for life. Over its long and storied history, in order to protect its peaceful walls from monsters and bandits who found the monastery easy prey, it coupled its teaching with a fierce and beautiful style of mostly unarmed combat, which harness an inner magic they call ki. The monks, in keeping with its philosophy of self-restraint and respect for life, only use their dangerous skills as a means of defense, never attack.

The Alemos monks are vegetarian. They farm a wide variety vegetables and the tending, planting, irrigating, and harvesting responsibilities were distributed among the monks, and the techniques were integrated into their training. They acquired any needed goods by crafting and supplying well-made wood furniture to a nearby village. The sanding, planing, and shaping of the wood were also integrated into meditation and training. The sanding and planing simulate the movements of combat, strengthening the arm muscles and reinforcing the blocking and striking motions.

Landir was a fairly average disciple. He always relied heavily on his natural physical and mental propensity toward both combat and philosophy, but lacked the discipline and the ambition to stand out among his peers.

He is now a fresh-faced adult and he has grown dissatisfied with cloistered life. Landir feels as though he has yet to see his true self, partially because he feels his “mirrors” are limited in the peaceful and undisturbed life in the monastery. The words, “Do whatever you can to help others” written on the walls of the monastery mocks and taunts his contented life. So he has decided to embark on a quest of self-discovery. He desires to roam the land with the mission to do whatever he can to help others in order that he might see his true self and quell his inner critics.

Because of his modest monastic upbringing, Landir cares little for treasure or gold, beyond as a means of furthering his training and his mission. Landir struggles with humility and tends to feel self- satisfied and even that he is more noble than other glory-seeking adventurers. Although he possesses some skill as mediator/diplomat, he struggles relating more personally with other creatures.

Landir set out, alone for the first time. Overconfident, idealistic, but wise enough to start small, he kept mostly to well-traveled roads, seeking to protect fellow travels from the common dangers of the road. He lived mostly in the forests and fields off the roads, but occasionally he spent a few days in the villages and towns he came upon to rest and re-equip.

After several months of success, his first failure nearly cost him his life. Landir, the naïve adult he was, fell for the age-old broken wagon ambush. He was approached by a distraught woman who claimed her wagon had broken a wheel just up ahead and that her husband was injured and needed help. Landir rushed to the wagon only to be ambushed by thieves. Outnumbered with his guard down, he was overpowered and beaten and left to die. He was fortuitously saved by a woodland adventuring group that called themselves the Blade Family, led by twins named Leif and Lily Blade. They took him to their nearby camp and tended his wounds. He stayed with Blade Family for short time however, as the Blade Family was currently weakened by rivalry, backbiting, and resentment of the Blade leadership.

Landir was convinced by his time spent with the Blade Family of the value of an adventure group. Unable to find a group with intentions as pure-hearted as his, Landir settled with a mercenary group he met in a tavern in a city a long the road, comprised of a Dwarf, two gnomes, a halfling, and an elf cleric of Pelor. The cleric was the reason for Landir’s trust in the nature of group.

Died tragically in Barovia fighting a hag who was gaurding one of Strahd Van Zarovich’s thanes.

Landir Duskwalker

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