Captain Eniaon Westom

What other choice do I have?


An ambitious, young, local man, skilled in fighting. Recently promoted to the rank of captain in the Traylen City Guard. Broad and muscled, with blond hair and brown eyes, he can be very charismatic when he chooses.


Eniaon was born and raised in Traylen. His first encounters with the Guard came from adolescent mischief. A guardsman encouraged Eniaon to train with new recruits, hoping that the discipline of a soldier might turn him from a wayward path.
Eniaon took to fighting quickly and soon joined the ranks of the city guard. Leaving the world of petty crime, however, did not come so easily. He believed himself bound to the fate of the low-born. He used his new clout to make connections and improve his standing in the underside of Traylen. He played the corruption on both sides of the law and rose in position.
Soon after being promoted to the rank of captain, Eniaon was contacted by a man named Galen who offered him a lucrative arrangement, a retainer of sorts.
The opportunity was too good for a peasant to pass up.

After his encounter with our heroes, Eniaon was overwhelmed with remorse and helplessness. Believing his fate was to die disgraced, he took his own life by falling on his sword.

Captain Eniaon Westom

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