Strange magician, but he does have a name!


A tall, thin man with angular cheeks and a prominent, hooked nose. Dark hair and olive skin contrast with sharp, green eyes. He is playful in a strange and confusing way.


Not much is known about Argarian outside of what is obvious. He has wealth, magic, and some level of influence, but even that seems suspect.

He was the first employer of the party, contracting them to deliver a package to the Arcane Conservatory for him. After the job’s completion, he paid more than the price originally negotiated and offered the group a longer term arrangement.

He has ambitions of studying with a dragon sorcerer and is using the party to acquire the means to achieve that ambition

He gave each person in the party a large coin with an arcane symbol on it, telling them that would grant them certain protections when shown to the right people.

They can also be used by the party to communicate with him in a limited fashion.


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