Tokens Aegis

Chapter 2.3

Breakfast with Madame Ava

The party fights its way on the road to meet Madame Ava on the advice of Ashlyn. On the way, the adventurers encounter a dark-haired man in armor with a raven fighting undead. The man is Sir Ulric, the last remaining Knight of Raven. His religious order was hunted by Strahd. He decides to go help guard the people remaining in the city.

The party arrives at the Vastani camp and, Waffles (Breakfast) first, are called in to meet Madame Ava. Madame reveals that we were summoned by Strahd via the letter in the inn. She also relates the history of Strahd. He has been living for a long time and sold his soul to live forever after he was spurned by the woman he loved (Tatiana). He disappeared for a time but has come back to rule. He seems to released the undead after being spurned again by Irena.

Madame Eva tells us that we must do the following things:

- Go to the church and deal with the first death and the plague of undead. This must be done before confronting Strahd.

- Locate the Tome of Strahd, at a place of holiness. It will aid us in discovering the source of his strength.

- Find the three relics and perform a consecration ceremony.

-Find the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind and bring it to the place where the officers of the king upheld his word.

The sun sword may help us in our mission. It can be found where the river flies. She also said "Darkness was born from light, bring the sword to where the light lies dead.



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