Tokens Aegis

Chapter 2.2

Love Is in the Air

At the fork in the road, the party first checks the body in the road and proceeds in that direction. The road approaches the town square and find a paladin of Pelor fighting off zombies. The party aids her and learns she is Ashlyn of the Lightbringers from the Northern Kingdom. She is there seeking the Sun sword. The rest of her party went to investigate the church and have been missing for three days. She has never heard of Sir Kalen or the Sphere of Grave Mists. The party also learns that they have traveled to a demi-plane, probably as a result of the unnatural mist they have encountered.

The party sleeps in the tavern, Blood of the Vine.

While in the tavern, Rowan meets a brooding man of high class named Ismark. Ismark believes the cities troubles are perpetrated by Lord Van Zarovich. Ismark believes Zarovich had poisoned Ismark’s father after being denied his sister’s hand, and then plagued the city with undead. Ismark’s sister is currently barricaded within their mansion, fate unknown. Landir recalls that the letter for help posted in the inn on the way was written by Ismark’s father.

The party decides to aid Ashlyn in seeking out the Vastani gypsy leader Madam Ava, who is believed to have information about the undead invasion. Three Vastani men are enlisted to help lead the party to Ava. As they move on the road, the encounter zombies feasting on a horse.



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