Tokens Aegis

Chapter 2

A Fork, a Cart, a Corpse in the Road

After a period of mourning, recuperation, and resupply, including paying to store a darkwood table a farmhouse outside of the city and Landir and Rowan shaving their heads, the party was affronted by a man who recognized a leather patch that had belonged to Eok. After a tense initial meeting, the tension resolved into respect and Daventhor joined the party. The party met with their employer who offered them Landir’s weight in platinum to head north to retrieve an item from the tomb of necromancer before it falls into the hands of Darrow. They job piqued the party’s interest, but they decided to first head south to seek out Sir Kalen who has been missing. The party seeks him to counsel on the matter of the Sphere of Grave Mists.

On the way south, while they were dining at their first stop, a man announces a plea for help from the nearby town of Barovia. The party decides their current mission is too important to abandon. However, in the next day’s dense fog, the party ends up in the Barovia. The party finds the city overrun with undead creatures and begins to fight its way through.



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